Customer Satisfaction Survey System for Restaurants and Coffee Shops.

With Food Evaluator you will get a Complete Customer Satisfaction Survey System for your Restaurant or Coffee Shop.

Everything is tailored to your business and with the help of us you get a system that is ready from start and the results are always easy to understand.

After Meal or Buy.

Your guests have enjoyed the meal in your restaurant or have just bought a coffee in your shop. With Food Evaluator loaded on your tablet or phone and you hand it over to your customer to answer the survey. You can of course send out the survey to their email.

Your customer answers the survey.

After the customer has answered the survey him/her can be imbursed for the participation by you. All responses are marked with time and day so that you can track food quality, service etc.

See results in real-time.

After receiving feedback you can follow the results in real-time. See your new menus performance according to the older menu. See how your customers grade your staff service. Make adjustments to your business according to your customer feedback.

Time to know how well you perform to your goals in service and quality?

Food Evaluator has multi-language functionalities.

Food Evaluator has the ability to setup Customer Satisfaction Surveys in multiple languages. If you do not have your own translators then we can do it for an extra fee or included in the price package you select. We have over 30 translators working with us.


With Food Evaluator there is no more guessing what to ask.

In difference to the rest of the market Food Evaluator helps you create the Survey you need for you business. We do not guess, our Survey Professionals make the questions for you by hand. And trust us when we say “All businesses are different”. We do not use templates, we use knowledge from over 20 years of survey creations. All you have to do is to ask and read the results. Everything else is included.


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